Agile Israel 2008

The first Israeli Scrum User Group - December 9 2008 - get the presentations here

200 participants, 4 tracks, great lectures! Well done everybody!



Some quotes from participants:

"A wonderful event, I learned a lot and gained valualbe knowledge"

"The advanced Scrum track was just fantastic"

"It was a fun day with lots of interesting and important information. Thanks for organizing the little things and the big things, everything came together to a huge success"

"Now I am convinced the implementing Scrum is vital to my organization"


The presentations from the event can be found below:


Scaling Agile Software Development

Scott W. Ambler

IBM Software Group 


Introduction to Scrum

Giora Morein

BigVisible Solutions 


Do I need Scrum in my organization?

Danny (Danko) Kovatch



Visibility -The Name of the Game

Danny (Danko) Kovatch



Scrum Ceremony In a Nutshell

Ronen Bar-Nahor (Ph.D)



Scrum & the QA

Danny (Danko) Kovatch



The Product Owner - It Is All About ROI

Ronen Bar-Nahor (Ph.D)



Extreme Programming (XP)

Ohad Barzilay

Tel Aviv University 


Why Scrum Projects Might Fail ?

Ronen Bar-Nahor (Ph.D)



Real Life ExperienceScrum

Guy Nirpaz

GigaSpaces Technologies


Test Driven Development

Gal Marder



Automated Unit Tests

Eli Lopian



See you in the next event!