Lean/Agile Marketing Workshop

More and more Marketing organizations are realizing they need to be faster, more flexible/responsive and more collaborative in order to have a real impact on the business they’re supporting. More and more CMOs are looking at Agile Marketing as the way to modernize their organization. Lean/Agile marketing adds some crucial aspects required in our experience to create a successful agile marketing organization.

Join our Lean/Agile Marketing workshop to evaluate whether Lean/Agile Marketing can help your marketing organization and figure out how to take your first steps towards implementing it. Our 2-day workshop is comprehensive – starting from the basics, diving deeper into the real-world struggles, the underlying principles, sharing experience from real case studies, and not shying away from tough questions. Most importantly we will teach you how to think Lean/Agile Marketing rather than just “go thru the motions” of a specific “Template” of Agile Marketing implementation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why and when to use agile marketing
    Be able to explain Agile Marketing  concepts to marketers and marketing executives. 
    Understand the principles in the agile marketing manifesto and know how to apply them to your context.
  • Understand the options for implementing agile marketing – Scrum/Kanban/ScrumBan.
  • Understand Lean Startup principles and their importance in agile marketing organization – including concepts like Minimum Viable Product, Build-Measure-Learn, Validated Learning, Growth metrics vs Vanity metrics.
  • Understand Lean/Agile Management/Leadership principles and experience some practices that bring them to life – Decentralized Control w/ Alignment, Respecting/Engaging people, Effective Flow, Cost of Delay Prioritization
  • Understand how to deal with bigger marketing organizations – Scaling beyond one team – introduction to scaling approaches including case study of enterprise-scale agile marketing adoption.
  • Understand the key success factors and risks/challenges for implementing Lean/Agile Marketing
  • Know how to recognize a mature Lean/Agile Marketing team/organization vs an “Agile Marketing Theater” – Lean/Agile Marketing Depth Assessment
  • Create an initial blueprint for implementing agile marketing in your organization.

Your Agile Marketing Trainer:

Yuval is our Agile Marketing practice lead. He is currently the lead Agile Marketing coach on one of the biggest Enterprise Agile Marketing initiatives world-wide working hands on with the global CMO and her staff on transforming marketing.

May 02

Agile Marketing Workshop – Boston, May 2017

May 2 @ 9:00 am - May 3 @ 5:00 pm

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