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Welcome to AgileSparks

A boutique Agile consulting firm with a deeply experienced and pragmatic team that can guide you in your journey towards real agility, whether it’s at the team level, scaling, implementing DevOps or even going beyond the product development organization.

The AgileSparks way

Implementing an Agile Approach

Implementing Agile is a serious endeavor. The first question you should ask yourself is WHY – Why Agile? What am I looking to improve through…

Scaled Agile Implementations

Scaling Agile can be difficult and confusing – unless you have an experienced guide. What we’ve found is that implementing agile at scale works…


It is based on Empiricism concepts – Transparency, Inspect and Adapt as well as Scrum Values – Focus, Openness, Commitment, Courage, and Respect.

Scrum and Kanban – Better Together

Scrum and Kanban are each great approaches towards agility on their own. So why do so many teams and organizations choose to combine them?

DevOps Implementations

Devops is a cultural and professional movement that emerged in recent years as an extension of the Agile movement, in response to the huge…

Agile Marketing

More and more Marketers are realizing that their current operating approach isn’t coping that well with the speed and complexity of marketing in the …

Clients Testimonials

Our team accompanies you in your Agile journey from initial exposure training, through strategic implementation planning and steering, all the way to the trenches of helping teams and programs implement Agile frameworks and practices and inspect and adapt them until you achieve the business outcomes you’re aiming for.

Open-enrollment and Private Training Workshops

World-class delivery of and SAI curriculums as well as our home-grown specialized classes all delivered by experienced and highly reviewed Agile trainers

Strategic Management Focusing Workshops

We’ll help you explore your context/pains, understand the Lean/Agile options and guide you towards a blueprint for implementation and change…

Coaching & Consulting

Regardless of whether you’re just starting your Agile journey or trying to revitalize/boost, our small team of highly experienced Agile coaches will help you and your people deal with the many challenges of real agility.

World-class Technology Firms Implement Agile With AgileSparks