We Spark Real Agility

There is so much Agile Theater out there. It is easy to do Sprints,
assign Scrum Masters/Product Owners and start using an Agile tool. It is common to focus just on agile in the development teams.
It is much harder to Be Agile. To achieve Business Agility. To have an Agile mindset and culture throughout the organization including areas such as Marketing, Sales, Budgeting, HR.

We help our clients achieve real agility both within the development organization as well as throughout the entire product/technology life-cycle and in other areas such as Marketing. 

We are helping hundreds of organizations world-wide improve
their agility. We would love to help you as well.

Our areas of expertise

Agile Tranformations

Implementing Agile isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s filled with pitfalls and challenges. We’ll guide you through a proper implementation – customized for your company and your needs.

Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile Options

You’ve used Agile before, but you’ve also discovered that your old process simply isn’t scalable to your current needs. We’ll help you scale the right way, at the right pace, so that your Agile grows with your company.

Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility AgileSparks Model

Expand Agile beyond development.
Achieve business agility by covering the whole Product/Technology life-cycle while using approaches such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking.
Achieve even wider organizational agility by applying agile in other areas trying to cope with complexity and uncertainty – Marketing/Sales, HR/People Ops, Budgeting/Finances, and more.


Devops is a combination of culture principles and tools that both aim to break the conflict between Dev and Ops silos by leveraging Lean and Agile thinking and practices at a wider scope than just the development and testing process.  DevOps seeks to create a smooth and increasingly speedy flow of change from development into  production also known as Continuous Deployment/Delivery, with as little waste along the way as possible, as a way to enable organizations to achieve business agility – fast time to market and fast learning/experimentation.


Real Kanban Board

Kanban is a flow-oriented method for working in a lean/agile way. Kanban is often used in continuous/flow environments such as Lean Startup, DevOps, Continuous Deployment or when a more evolutionary style of change management is desired.

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing helps marketing organizations become faster, more flexible/responsive and more collaborative in order to be better tuned to the business they’re supporting.

Agile Marketing describes a mindset of continuous learning and validation through high-tempo testing, customer focused collaboration across functional silos, adaptive and iterative campaigns and more responsive/continuous planning – all as a way to deal more effectively with uncertainty and complexity.

Our Services

Training by AgileSparks


Get ready to go Agile by learning what you really need with world-class delivery of standard curriculums such as: Professional Scrum and Scaled Agile Leading/Implementing SAFe as well as our unique programs such as the Agile Boost Camp (ABC), AdvanScrum, and Leading Agile Software Teams (LAST) classes and ongoing leadership development programs.


Strategic Assessment/Management Focusing Workshops

If you’re considering Agile, we’ll help you explore your context/pains, understand the Lean/Agile options and what implementing them in your environment will entail. Then we’ll guide you towards a blueprint for implementation and change management approach that can actually work in your organization. 

agile coaching session

Coaching & Consulting

Regardless of whether you’re just starting your Agile journey or trying to revitalize/boost, our small team of highly experienced Agile coaches will help you and your people deal with the many challenges of real agility. 

If you’re tired of that awful Agile Theater and looking for real agility, let’s connect and see if we can help.

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