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Welcome to AgileSparks – A boutique Agile consulting firm with a deeply experienced and pragmatic team that can guide you in your journey towards real agility, whether it’s at the team level, scaling, implementing DevOps or even going beyond the product development organization.

  • "Our communication and collaboration across business units improved dramatically. We moved from escalation mode where the interaction is at the manager level to a collaboration mode where the actual working engineers work together in Scrum Teams solving problems and showing working software every few weeks and providing real transparency regarding the progress of the release."

    Yoav Flam
    Yoav Flam Comverse
  • Agile Marketing helped us dramatically accelerate time-to-market on critical campaigns, improve collaboration amongst the different marketing functions, and our marketers are happier and more motivated. Most important, our marketing team is making a stronger contribution to the company’s sales operations. If you’re looking to transform your marketing organization to a more agile operating system, you’re in good hands with Yuval and AgileSparks. 

    Cameron Van Orman
    Cameron Van Orman SVP Product & Solution Marketing @ CA Technologies
  • We accelerated time-to-market by 20%, increased delivery quality (dramatically fewer product issues during customer acceptance and production rollout) and reduced cost by 20% through better cooperation that was enabled through professional Agile consulting work by Ofer from AgileSparks.

    Galit Altinyuva
    Galit Altinyuva Localization Unit Manager, Comverse
  • "After three months of working closely with Yuval and Elad from AgileSparks, we are seeing much closer work between QA and Dev that enables us to find problems much earlier in the release. Our planning has improved dramatically providing us with better tracking and visibility. We look forward to continuing the momentum and taking agility to a higher level in our next releases."  

    Tal Broner
    Tal Broner R&D Group Manager, HP Software

Our team accompanies you in your Agile journey from initial exposure training, through strategic implementation planning and steering, all the way to the trenches of helping teams and programs implement Agile frameworks and practices and inspect and adapt them until you achieve the business outcomes you’re aiming for. 

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