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6 Ways to Tell if SAFe™ (The Scaled Agile Framework) is Right For You

6 Ways to Tell if SAFe™ (The Scaled Agile Framework) is Right For You


These days, it seems that scaling Agile is all the rage. But while Agile might be the most efficient way to get a product to market, scaling it is a road filled with potholes and landmines so you should start by asking yourself if you even need to scale Agile and then if that’s the case figure out what approach makes sense.

Most people that decide to scale Agile implement SAFe™ – The Scaled Agile Framework. SAFe is very popular with our clients and a lot of our engagements leverage SAFe in some form or the other. But it’s not for everybody. Before choosing SAFe you should ask yourself some questions like:

  • Are you looking for detailed guidance on how to scale Agile?
  • Is SAFe Agile enough for you?
  • Is your team prepared to implement SAFe?
  • Are you willing to go for “Big Room Program Increment Planning?”

Since we’re asked the question “Is SAFe right for us?” so often we decided to create a self-assessment checklist that can help people answer this question (Of course it’s always better to have such a discussion with a SAFe expert …).

You can download the checklist in PDF or Excel format.




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