Gili Aharoni

Lead Coach, SPC

Gili had his first interest in software programming over 30 years ago when he was in high school. His first personal computer was the fresh and young Commodore 64. Since then he has accomplished BSc in computers and electrical engineering in Ben-Gurion University and gained in depth understanding of product management and development of software and hardware products combined with unique understanding of business perspectives such as sales and marketing. He has worked as HW and SW engineer, project manager, CTO and VP R&D, executive manager of product management and product marketing, entrepreneur, VP business development and marketing and deputy CEO. He was also a consultant and coach to CEOs, R&D and product executives of various enterprises.

Gili has successfully built Lean-startups in large enterprises – such as the voice analytics core team at NICE Systems which evolved to be NICE’s main driver for organic growth. His Agile experience in big enterprises and small startups made him a true believer in the Lean-Agile mindset.

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