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In AgileSparks we set out on a mission of helping technology organizations  improve significantly in their ability to achieve their business goals by leveraging a combination of mindset, principles and practices from the lean/agile world. We value stable and long-term relationships based on trust and respect with our customers, our people, our partners, and the community. 

The company is led by a high profile team of experts in Agile/Lean, including internationally recognized thought leaders and accredited/certified trainers. Being an environment where exceptional talent can thrive is always on our minds.

AgileSparks’ experts have proven experience in Agile/Lean training, consulting and implementation in hunderds of companies in Israel and Europe, including large companies (1,000+ developers), ISVs (product development), enterprise IT and governmental organizations, telecommunication providers, embedded SW and Web/SaaS products, startups and more.

With extensive experience and a team of world-class experts that continues to challenge itself to develop and improve best practices and building blocks, AgileSparks is uniquely positioned to help you choose wisely the way to improve, as well as to be your trusted partner along the way. We have the experience and the know-how and, not less important, the passion to help your organization improve.

AgileSparks believes in a results-oriented approach and has successful experience in breaking the glass ceiling and achieving significant organizational improvements. We view our clients as full partners in the  implementation  process.

Viewing the process from a holistic point of view, we offer a set of implementation modules and services that cover all organizational aspects, with the intention of transforming the entire organization and its teams into the agile mind-set and practice. To optimize a customer’s investment, we work hand-in-hand to understand its specific business needs and constraints, define the required KPI and outline a time-box plan to achieve it.

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