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Becoming Agile is a journey. AgileSparks is the spark to light your way.

We are a leading team of coaches and trainers that has helped hundreds of technology organizations around the world reach their business goals by adopting, implementing, and scaling Agile/Lean principles and practices.

AgileSparks customers understand that achieving true agility comes from adopting an Agile mindset and culture throughout the organization

Simply adopting the mechanics of the Agile methodology of the day is nothing more than what we call Agile Theater and won’t deliver results. Organizations must understand the underlying principles of these Agile frameworks and have the insight to be able to adapt them to their specific needs. The most challenging part of becoming an Agile organization is inspiring and managing the change it requires. Achieving agility involves a shift in both organizational operating systems and culture. Inevitably, an Agile transformation will involve everyone in the organization from those in technology and product delivery all the way to marketing, sales, and HR.

We believe every business is unique

  • Choosing the approach to agility that is right for the context and culture of your organization is the foundation for success. Our team’s expertise spans industries and contexts. Companies we’ve worked with include those delivering Web/SaaS products, embedded software, cyber-physical systems, Tier 1 networks, medical device products, and military systems. That kind of deep and varied experience allows us to guide organizations towards agility in a way that is tailored specifically to them.

The AgileSparks Way

  • The AgileSparks Way is our proven approach to implementing widespread organizational change that is focused, managed, and incremental—achieving the results organizations need to see on key performance indicators.

Our approach towards SAFe

  • Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t treat the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) like an off-the-shelf closed methodology. We treat it as a starting point that our clients can use as a toolbox. Once they understand it, we assist them to inspect and adapt it to their needs. Our clients and class participants routinely tell us that this tailored approach is a key reason for them choosing us.

We help the world’s leading tech firms figure out how to achieve agility

Several of the world’s leading tech firms such as Intel, HP, Philips, Siemens, Amdocs, and Elbit turn to us to help figure out how to achieve real agility at scale. Regardless of size, we nurture stable, long-term relationships with our customers and partners based on the trust and respect that’s critical to achieving transformational change.

The Team

  • We have a high profile leadership team whose members are sought-after thought leaders on the world stage, which means that customers benefit from the latest in Agile/Lean thinking.

SAFe AND Professional Scrum Partners

We are certified SAFe and Scrum coaches and trainers, which means organizations receive the highest standard in training and consulting services.

Global Presence

Our offices are in the United States, Israel, and India making the AgileSparks team accessible and global.

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