AgileSparks Boston Office – World-class Agile/Scrum/SAFe Training/Consulting in the Boston Metro Area / New England

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Boston-focused Agile/Scrum/SAFe Training/Consulting


AgileSparks has been helping organizations such as Intel, Siemens, HP, Philips achieve agility since 2008. (Check out what these companies and others have to say)

The Boston metro area and New England, in general, is home to one of our leading practitioners – Yuval Yeret and a major market for us – focusing on ScrumScaling, Scrum with Kanban, and Agile Marketing.

We’ve been running advanced SAFe workshops such as Implementing SAFe (SPC4) , Release Train Engineer (RTE) as well as classes such as Professional Scrum with Kanban and others in the area since 2015.

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Why Choose Agile with AgileSparks in Boston / New England


Our clients in the Boston/New England area tell us they appreciate working with an established world-class player AND they prefer to work with someone who has a strong local presence not just flying in, teaching a class, and leaving.

They come to our workshops or engage with us to help in their implementation after meeting Yuval Yeret our SPCT/PST in local meetups and conferences.

When it comes to attending a public agile training class people have become wary of registering to a scheduled class only to have it get canceled since the vendor was scheduling speculative classes. Our agile workshops in Boston are strategic for us which explains why we rarely had to cancel a class here in the area.

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Talk to us about Agile Training and Implementations in the Boston/New England area

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