AgileSparks Provides a Successful Agile Transformation at William Hill


Entertainment, Betting and Gaming


Cross functional Product Dev cells, working in Scrum and Kanban


  • Productivity Increased  – Moving from delivering 1 application per month to 10 in a quarter
  • Significant quality increase –  Number of rollbacks reduced
  • A better starting point, focusing on unique developments that serve the business
  • Teams satisfaction increased


  • "Our engineering organization transitioned from quarterly releases to two-week releases using Scrum and Kanban. We've switched from using a complex, obscure, inefficient and difficult Gantt chart system into a highly visual Kanban board that allows us to instantly understand our project status and even more important to see our development process challenges. This has contributed to a culture of continuous improvement. Our journey from waterfall to Agile has helped to surface all of our development deficiencies/improvement opportunities and with courage, we handled those and continue to do so after five months / 10 sprints. Through the transition, from Sprint #1 until the present date, we've deployed on our production site new user stories with true business value to a very complex platform and also scaled up the R&D team significantly. In addition to the obvious benefits of the R&D improvements, our business can react much faster than before to market needs and to internal organization needs as our business continues to grow. I would like to thank the incredible highly professional team in AgileSparks and specifically, our great Agile coach, Yuval Yeret, who guided, trained us and took us through this journey."

    Ben Peer
    Ben Peer SVP Technology at FiftyOne (E4X)

The Coaching Team

    About William Hill

    William Hill is one of the world’s leading betting and gaming companies and one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

    WH online business is headquartered in Gibraltar with its marketing and customer service functions in Israel, Bulgaria and the Philippines, with 3.0 million active digital customers in WH Online and WH Australia businesses in 2015.

    Employing more than 16,000 people in nine countries.

    The Opportunity

    In order to constantly innovate in a competitive market and strive to deliver outstanding customer experiences, WH needed to alter the collective mindset of a large 80-year-old business. To achieve this purpose, WH-online decided to go through an Agile journey and achieve a different way of working.

    The goal was to improve the WH deliverables value, to provide valuable content to WH customers, to increase its throughput and quality and establish the Israeli branch identity.

    The Approach

    AgileSparks has been providing Agile training and consulting services to WH-online. Consulting has been provided on 3 levels:

    (1) Personal level – coaching for managers, SMs & POs.

    (2) Teams level – coaching for Agile/scrum training and implementation adjustments, as well as for empowering the teams.

    (3) Organizational level – continually steering and improving the process.

    •         Scrum & Kanban frameworks were adopted in the team’s level.
    •         Roles and responsibilities, the way of work and the DoD were set and continuously adjusted.
    •         Teams gradually moved to a whole team approach, with testers and developers working together.
    •         Automation was significantly improved.
    •         Implementation and teams’ assessments were administered for continuous improvements.
    •         Teams KPIs were defined.

    ·         Ongoing work with the teams on hot areas and increasing their agility has been in focus.

    The Results

    Adopting an Agile mindset assisted the teams to establish their autonomy, address dependencies & trust issues, develop a team responsibility for quality and helped improve their working procedures and communication.


    Implementing Agile practices together with an organizational transformation of working in cross functional product development cells promoted a tight collaboration between the development and the business units that bridged the gaps and better addressed WH customers’ needs.

    As a result, the products quality improved, the delivery cycle time has been reduced, and the number of deployment increased.


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