The Sparkies

In AgileSparks we believe in team work. Our internal messaging system is usually humming with agile games, lessons learned from coaching sessions, ideas for getting unstuck and new approaches and practices.


Every two weeks we take half a day to inspect and adapt how we do things by reflecting on work in the trenches, as well as what’s new out there, and nurturing internal innovative ideas anyone can come up with.


Therefore, when you work with one of us you actually enjoy the experience of all of us. And you can rest assured that, in parallel to challenging your comfort zone,  we’re not resting in ours.

Executive Team

Partner-level Coaches

The Coaching Team

Sales, Marketing & General

  • Prasad Yadav
    Prasad Yadav Head of India Operations
  • Nofar Sharan Reicher
    Nofar Sharan Reicher Agile Education Manager
  • Zohar Pichon
    Zohar Pichon Office Manager

Interested in joining our team? We’re always on the lookout for great coaches!

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