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    Atlassian is in the process of making some big changes to its products for the past year. It started with the acquiring of Agile Craft” and labeling it as “Jira Align”. They continued with major […]

  • Written by SPC Sachin Dhaygude

    Recently in retrospectives of one of the scrum teams, one team member had some strong opinions about guidelines that were defined for code reviews. Besides what to review and how […]

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  • The COVID19 pandemic gives us plenty of opportunities to think about uncertainty, complexity, and how to deal with those using Empiricism.

    When it comes to our work in Agile teams and organizations, the first […]

    Back in 2015 I wrote in my personal blog about a Spotify Squad-level tool I started using in Executive/Management workshops as well as all-hands QuickStarts/QuickBoosts. I just realized I never mentioned […]

  • Coronavirus has sent many people that in regular days are working from the office to work from home. This is a big change for many teams that need to establish new ways of work.

    Here are some tips for managers […]

  • These are crazy times. I’m lucky that during this time I can still do things that are in the vicinity of my comfort zone.

    When working with a client or teaching a class I rely pretty heavily on liberating […]

  • The complex reality presents many challenges and dilemmas that Scrum Masters and leaders at all levels try to solve using problem-solving techniques. Yet dilemmas are different from problems. While problems have a […]

  • Writing unit tests on Legacy Code is an adventure. Today I spent several hours doing that with two developers, Mark and Yelena.

    The system has a flow you are used to and when you write code you fit it into this […]

  • It is early afternoon on Friday.

    As the week is coming to an end, so is Team Alpha’s Sprint. 

    The team is rushing to finish the last User Stories in the Sprint. Marion is putting the last touches on the Da […]

  • Once you start unit testing, you will find significant benefits to your design, throughput, quality and peace of mind. However it is not easy to start it in an organization that’s not used to it. Here are a n […]

  • TL;DR
    Use git, use eslint, write unit tests.
    Want to know the reasoning behind each tool? Keep reading!
    Whether you are starting out as a developer or already have some experience, improving your […]

  • SAFe™ (The Scaled Agile Framework) uses Story Points throughout the various levels as its estimation currency. This is covered in the “Story” article on the SAFe site. This is a pretty standard practice in organiz […]

  • The Sprint Increment Got Us Here
    If you’re a veteran of the software industry, you probably remember those days where we released to production/GA every couple of months. Heck, many of the companies I meet these […]

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