Agile implementation at CSR

Arnon Kaminsky, SW Senior Director, CSR-Imaging group, CSR Ltd.:

CSR Ltd. in Israel, which develops system-on-chip for cameras (part of the international CSR) which is a market that the Israeli branch leads worldwide, started the Agile implementation process in August 2012, in order to accelerate the development process, reduce response time to market requirements and especially to ensure the quality processes in a company that integrates hardware and software. The company was assisted by a coach/trainer from AgileSparks, who coached the management and the employees. The process lasted about 6 months, during which CSR– Imaging saw improvements in all the desired metrics, as well as in other metrics such as employee engagement.

In the development group (in which Agile was implemented), after about 3 months the initial phase of the process of stabilizing the Agile process was completed and the group adopted the mindset of continuous improvement.

Implementing the Agile processes greatly helped the group, and enabled it to close quality gaps where needed, while meeting development targets over the long term, supporting customers and continued development processes of the chip.

Concerns that the company had originally had about implementing Agile dissipated – and with the help of our coach we successfully handled challenges that popped up during the transition. The company is now considering expanding the Agile implementation to other areas closer to hardware, as well as to groups abroad.

AgileSparks accompanied CSR throughout this process, addressed all of our concerns, and created a partnership with CSR management that enabled handling difficulties and crisis that arose during the half year of working together.

A few words about the coach Dror Zernik.

From the first day Dror began working with CSR, he thought, spoke and acted as a caring employee of the company, demonstrating extraordinary thoughtfulness as to the goings on in the company. Dror found solutions and adjustments that linked between the theory and the practice in reality, while consulting with sensitivity, but without “fear” of tackling difficult matters.

Dror’s personality and his professionalism led him to advise the company in various fields including counseling and personal support to me as a manager.

Orly Gamliel-Cohen – Senior HR Manager, CSR Imaging group:

I had the pleasure of working with Dror when we selected AgileSparks as our vendor for implementing Agile in CSR Israel. Our teams are in multiple geographies with many internal and external dependencies. Dror very quickly partnered with the SW Engineering management team, bringing expertise & passion throughout the 6 month process of continuous improvement. He advised, challenged and engaged, contributing both theory and pragmatic recommendations that suited the organization. It became evident that Dror’s value goes beyond Agile consulting, and he successfully facilitated several business processes as well.

Arnon Kaminsky, SW Senior Director & Orly Gamliel-Cohen, Senior HR Manager, CSR-Imaging group, CSR Ltd.

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