Agile Israel 2016


Keynote Speakers

Modern Agile

Joshuar Kerievsky @ AgileSparks

Invitation as Leadership Art

Daniel Mezick @ AgileSparks

What is the Agile Theater

Yuval Yeret, SPCT, PST, Head Of North America, CTO @ AgileSparks

More Talks

How to make sure you scaled Agile safely

Inbar Oren, SAFe Fellow & Principal Consultant @ Scaled Agile Inc. (Hebrew)

Philips ICAP group - SAFe Case study

Amit Caspi, Alon Borenshtein, Imaging Clinical Applications (ICAP) @ Philips (Hebrew)

How to Copy Spotify in 30 minutes

Cliff Hazell, Coach @ Spotify 

Demystifying Continuous Deployment

Joshuar Kerievsky @ AgileSparks

Scaling Fiverr. Fast, then Faster

Gil Wasserman, VP R&D@ Fiverr

The manager's role in an agile implementation

Yaki Koren @ AgileSparks

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