Agile Israel 2017


Keynote Speakers

The Mindful Manager

Navigating Complexity means navigating uncertainty. Dealing with uncertainty requires emotional maturity and clarity of thought.

Simon Bennett (English)

Tribal Unity: The Heart of Scaling Agile

Em Campbel-Pretty (English)

Bug Zero

What do you think of when I say “bug free software?”

Arlo Belshee (English)

More Talks

The secret sauce of great software companies

Sagi Smolarski, Partner, SPC, Lead Coac h@ AgileSparks (Hebrew)

All In, All at Once - An Agile Case Study by NICE Actimize

Yaron Shohat, COO @ Nice Actimize (Hebrew)

It’s Smarter, It’s SAFer. It’s VO AgileDevOps Journey

Ellynoy Bar-On, Senior Program Manager & Yonit Lamed, Director of Architecture @ viaccess.orca (Hebrew)

Data Driven - Agile Like It Supposed To Be

Dennis Nerush, Team Leader @ SEARS ISRAEL (Hebrew)

Unlocking The Fundamentals and Differences of Lean, Agile and Devops

Itai Hochman @ AgileSparks (Hebrew)

Waterfall Nostalgia: How To Handle Past Memories When Moving To Agile

Michal Epstein & Yaki Koren @ AgileSparks (Hebrew)
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