Agile Israel 2018



Agile Israel 2018 Impact mapping with innovation games

By Gojko Adzic @

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Agile Israel 2018 ATT Israel Journey to Built In Quality

Yael Goldberg-Katz, QA Manager & Leading BIQ process @ ATT Israel (Hebrew)

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Mattias Skarin, Lean & Kanban Coach @ Crisp

Business Agility and How Agile Helped Siemens Innovate

Zvi Feuer, CEO @ Siemens Industry Software Ltd

Agile Israel 2018 - Shortcut to Product Learning Applying Design Sprints

Orit Dolev, Design Consultant (Hebrew)

Agile Israel 2018 - Data Driven Decision making

Einat Orr , CTO @ SimilarWeb (Hebrew)

Agile Israel 2018 Practical example of Agile HR

By Riina Hellstrom talk

Agile Israel 2018 Leap of Faith The Big Organizational Change

Ofer Erez , Principal Agile Coach @ NICE (Hebrew)

How to QuickStart Business Agility


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