Agile Practices using Jira Atlassian

Agile Practices using Jira Atlassian

The more we meet software development organizations, the more we see how Jira, the most popular ALM tool out there, is being misused.  Abusing the tool is quite easy actually… Paraphrasing Tolstoy’s words from Anna Karenina, “Good Jira implementations are all alike but unhappy implementations are all unhappy on their own way”. (In AgileSparks we keep a warm place for the classics). We have seen many cases where the abuse of the tool caused frustrations and inconsistencies with the Agile mindset that put at risk the ability to benefit from Agile practices adopted by the organization.

When we coach a client that chose Jira, one of the first things we do is transform the Jira implementation into a happy one, which makes our clients happy and give the Agile transformation much improved chances for success. So we thought, why not provide this help as a public service? Why not help more companies live happily with their Jira regardless of the phase of their Agile journey they are in?

The course is intended for you to understand what you can do with Jira, to understand the possibilities the opportunities and the pitfalls. The course contains a healthy hybrid of theory and practice, using simulations of real scenarios we encounter with our clients.

If you are using Jira and doing Agile you don’t want to miss this important one day workshop! Let us help you give a boost to your Agile implementation. Register today and don’t make an Issue of it (if you get our drift).

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