Time To Boost Your Agility

Do you have a feeling that Agile hasn't yet delivered on its promises?

You’re not alone. All too often, when organizations first implement Agile they have a hard time getting it right. It’s natural. This can cause mediocre results and frustration.

We’ll work with you to implement the key changes you need to make in order to boost to an agile way of working that actually delivers.

Blinded by the Agile Theater

We’ve noticed a growing epidemic out there. More and more companies say “We’re already doing Agile” while their mindset and behavior is actually not much more than an “Agile Theater”. Going through the motions and following the rules, without understanding/following the underlying principles. The first step on your way to boosting your agility is to recognize the “Agile Theater”.


Agile Boost Camp

Boost/Refresh your agility in the Agile Boost Camp – fix dysfunctions, get rid of some training wheels, break some myths. Practical tips and tricks from the trenches in a dynamic workshop prioritized by the participants.


Boost Strategy Management Workshop

Figure out your real level of agility, your options for boosting, and decide on an action plan that makes sense to your group. This is in essence the way we start most boosting engagements. An interactive workshop with the leaders of the group/company.

“An eye-opener”

Challenges we address in Agile Boosts


Improved Speed

Agile should make you faster. If your “Time to Market” hasn’t improved yet there’s something missing in the way you’re doing Agile. Whether it is just an Agile island within a waterfall planning/testing/deployment process, lack of investment in the technical aspects that are needed to support a smaller faster batch size, or some other reason, we will help you figure out how to get to a real Agile cadence. 


Improved Agility

Today’s environment demands business agility AND in many cases predictability. Although we hear it pretty often, “We’re Agile” shouldn’t be an excuse for saying “We cannot commit to a due date”.

Most of our clients have this need for predictability. We help them actually improve their ability to commit and deliver while also improving their ability to take advantage of emerging opportunities. 


More Effective Team Structures

Proper Agile teams are feature teams – not component specialized times. We’ll work with you to create team structures that empower your people to deliver actual value with minimal overhead/dependencies. 

We know moving to feature teams is a hard transition with HR implications. We’ll share our experience of helping other organizations like Siemens, CyberArk, Informatica, Amdocs, HP, that are going through this change.


Better Flow of Value


We’ll teach you techniques that will help identifying and addressing bottlenecks and delays throughout your product development flow – not just inside the agile team but also upstream in the product management/planning and downstream in Testing/Deployment/Operations.



Stories that Fit Your Sprints

Oh, the eternal struggle of Scrum teams. If the story needs to fit within the sprint it will be too small to deliver value (a.k.a a task). Should we move to longer sprints? Technical Stories? What’s the solution? We give teams more techniques for slicing stories as well as teach them principles that can help them deal better with this conflict and find the right approach in their context. 


A “Humane” Agile Implementation

In order to be effective and sustainable, Agile must account for the human factor – what makes people tick. We teach you techniques based on modern thinking about motivation, engagement and technical safety to help you create happier, more engaged team members. 


A Focus on the Right Outcomes

Real business agility goes beyond renaming tasks to “User Stories”. We work with Product/Development organization on acknowledging requirements uncertainty and adopting techniques like MMFs and MVPs based on Lean Startup thinking. 

The AgileSparks Way Approach For Agile Boosts

Our approach towards boosting is similar to how we look at any engagement. We start with figuring out the implementation vision and strategy, prepare and kickoff some improvements, inspect and adapt them during the stabilization phase, reach a stable ground where the organization can recharge for a while before continuing to boost/improve further.


    Agile Boost Camp Testimonials

    If you’re looking to boost your Agile process, contact us and we can discuss your specific challenges and what might be the best way to boost to higher agility.

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