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Achieving Real Agility Through Agile Coaching/Consulting With AgileSparks

“We found a partner to our journey with a passion and commitment to coach and escort us until we achieve our goals”

“Our coach guided as along the way, enabling us to choose the right path but not making decisions for us”

During an AgileSparks Way implementation, engagement coaching/consulting helps the organization prepare for kickoff and then get from the chaos of a new beginning to a stable ground as fast and painlessly as possible.

Organizations that are already doing Agile at some level can still benefit from experienced coaching. In Agile Boosts the coach helps the organisation gain new knowledge/ideas to take Agile to the next level. In Agile Reboots the coach helps identify Agile Theater, get rid of bad habits and mindset, and start fresh.

Our coaches are experienced and versatile – They’ve experienced the gamut of agile approaches in the field with our clients. Beyond being Agile experts they’re also seasoned facilitators, process consultants, and coaches.

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