Implement Agile Project Management Techniques

Are your projects constantly late?

Is your quality at the end of project poor?

Do you discover problems too late in the project?

You might want to consider Agile Project Management approaches to improve your delivery.

We recommend starting with assessing your current context and establishing a high level direction/vision. At AgileSparks we help clients do exactly that with our Assessment and Management Session solution:

  • Map the current reality, root cause analysis of challenges in the product development approach (using Lean tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Demand/Capacity Analysis, and interviews.
  • Decide on improvement focus and goals.Introduction and discussion of key Lean/Agile solutions with a focus on the main goals of the initiative.
  • Use Lean/Agile Solutions/Building blocks to design an Agile Strategy/Roadmap that will be used to build the implementation/improvement plan and understand its implications.

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