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Implement Agile QA / Testing Approaches

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Agile/QA Testing Implementations/Consulting


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When transitioning from traditional approaches to Agile development, QA / testers are no longer handed the code after developers have finished working on it, rather, they are a crucial part of the same cross-functional team. Agile Testing is a field in the world of Agile that is focused on the thinking, principles and practices around QA / testing in a Lean/Agile world.

This field is highly related to Test Automation and specifically the practice of whole-team Acceptance Test Driven Development/Behaviour Driven Development using tools such as Fitnesse, Cucumber, SpecFlow, NBehave etc.

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Agile Testing Services Provided By AgileSparks

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AgileSparks helps organizations adopt Agile Testing thinking, principles and practices. We are driving forward the field of Agile Testing, especially by using Lean/Kanban flow thinking to help scale Agile Testing to the enterprise.

As part of our implementation services we help the organization establish new working agreements, better collaboration around handoffs using models like the Test Automation Pyramid, and help in the adoption of Agile Testing practices such as Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD).

Agile Testing aspects are discussed in the Management Workshop we use to initiate and plan an agile journey as well as along the way when the organization realizes the positive impact an effective agile testing process can have on.

We complement the implementation services with two key training workshops aimed at Agile Testing – Agile Testing workshop (more details) and Agile Testing Practices for Teams.

Also Check out our Agile Testing Resources page.

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