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OKR Coaching/Consulting Offerings

About OKR Offerings

More and more organizations are realizing the importance of achieving strategic alignment – setting strategic objectives and sets of key results that teams throughout the organization will be focused on achieving. The Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework is the leading approach organizations are using to achieve strategic alignment.

Providing the OKR Spark

At AgileSparks, We’ve been helping our clients leverage OKRs in connection with Agile frameworks such as Scrum, SAFe(r), Kanban in order to achieve the powerful combination of agility and strategic alignment.

We help our clients explore, implement, and mainly guide them in successfully scaling OKRs.

Many clients bring us in to help them fix some problems they’re seeing with their OKR implementation. They’re realizing that while some of the OKR mechanics might be in place, they’re not seeing the benefits. We call that OKR Theater – it includes anti-patterns such as too many output- based OKRs and too little focus on outcomes and optionality. Too much micro-management and too little autonomy/agency.

OKRs - The AgileSparks Way

We leverage the principles of agility – empiricism, self-management, continual improvement, to help organizations level up their OKR implementations and achieve the strategic alignment goal they set out to achieve using OKRs.

We typically start with an OKR Training class or an OKR Implementation Workshop and continue with OKR coaching on the ground with the people crafting OKRs at all levels. Whether it’s when you prepare to set annual OKRs, when you’re reviewing them on a quarterly basis, or when you’re planning your next increment of work with the OKRs in mind.

We challenge your comfort zone around OKRs. And it goes beyond how to craft a good OKR and how to create an effective OKR hierarchy to keep them meaningful, aligning and empowering all the way to the team level. We also help you inspect your team structure/topology and help you reorganize your teams in a way that enables them to focus on specific OKRs.

The OKR Journey

Phase 1

Explore OKRs

  • What problem are OKRs trying to solve?
  • What are OKRs? Where did they come from?
  • A simple application of OKRs

Phase 2

Working w/ OKRs

  • Setting key results effectively
  • Grading & Tracking OKRs
  • Connecting OKRs to the Agile ecosystem

Phase 3

Scaling OKRs

  • OKRs Anti-patterns and how to deal with them
  • Applying Scrum and SAFe principles/practices to improve your OKR implementation
  • Using OKRs to figure out the right way to organize around value

About AgileSparks

AgileSparks helps organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness while creating a healthier and happier workplace. We do that by sparking and supporting substantial improvements in their business agility leveraging alignment, decentralized control/empowerment, empiricism.

AgileSparks offers global solutions with consulting teams based in Israel, the US, and India. Led by a team of seasoned experts in business agility, AgileSparks is recognized by international organizations, provides official Scaled Agile Framework and Professional Scrum services/certifications, and is a Scaled Agile Gold SPCT Partner with experienced SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs), SPCs on staff and a Scrum.org PTN with several PSTs on staff.

AgileSparks’ experts have proven experience in transforming over 300 companies worldwide, from small companies/startups all the way to some of the largest Fortune500 companies.

AgileSparks’ solutions are comprehensive, pragmatic, and holistic, viewing delivery of value end-to-end, and we provide the needed cultural and technical support across the
organization in order to reach Organizational Agility.

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