DevOps Assessment and Management Focusing Workshop

Are you planning a DevOps implementationand want to make sure you are taking the right approach? Based on dozens of organizations which we’ve been helping we’ve learned that the journey needs to start with a focused look at the needs/goals as well as the context, in order to outline the right solution for each organization. While some patterns/solutions can and should be reused, there is no boilerplate/recipe that can be adopted as is.

AgileSparks DevOps Strategy Workshop – Assess, Explore and Focus

Aimed at technology organizations looking to improve their end to end delivery processes and outcomes, the DevOps workshop combines field-proven best practices, applied in an interactive and expertly-facilitated manner, to provide the organization’s management with a context-specific roadmap to improvement, as well as with an understanding of key DevOps/Lean/Agile principles and main frameworks for improvement. The workshop is suitable in various contexts including:

  • Introducing/kicking off DevOps
  • Trying to improve a struggling implementation
  • Time to scale Agile beyond a single project/team to the larger program/organization using an end to end DevOps perspective
  • Evolve from practices-driven Agile to real understanding and application of DevOps/Lean/Agile at the organizational level

Workshop Structure

  • Mapping the current reality and challenges; framing them in DevOps/Lean/Agile/Systems Thinking terms.
  • Establishing improvement focus/goals at the system level.
  • Helping the organization get to the root cause of challenges in the product development approach.
  • Introduction, discussion and exercise/simulation of key DevOps/Lean/Agile approaches that are potential solutions for the identified challenges.
  • Facilitating a planning session in which a high-level improvement strategy/roadmap is identified and prioritized.

Workshop Approach

The workshop is highly interactive. We insist on a small intimate forum where everyone participates and affects the outcome. Innovation Games, Gamestorming and other techniques are used and as an important side effect, the participants also learn how to effectively think and collaborate to solve tough system-level problems in the future.

As the purpose of the workshop is to outline high-level improvement strategy, the bulk of the thinking is done together with management in real-time, with us helping you apply relevant thinking approaches and tools. In order to have an effective workshop, we spend some time getting acquainted with your context and expectations, using a few focused assessment interviews.

In a true agile fashion, we aim to deliver value rather than follow a predefined plan/syllabus. While a backlog is prepared based on initial preparation/interviews to learn the general context and aims, we continuously seek feedback and adjust direction driving at maximum impact and return on the time of participants based on the discussions and directions that emerge.

Key Agile tools such as Kanban Boards, Burnups, Estimation/Prioritization games and frequent Retrospectives are used throughout the workshop, leading to hands-on learning of how Agile works. Actually, we recommend these techniques be adopted for the ongoing routine of Management Teams.


“A very good workshop to understand the approach and build a concept of work procedures.”

“One has to go through a physiological change process to truly grasp the methodology. The workshop is a good way of internalizing the needed change as a team”

“During the workshop I have gained many insights on how to make the process work and even more important – make it work for me with all my special requirements and the project situation. “

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