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Helping you implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to achieve Business Agility

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The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™) is a field-proven framework for achieving agility at enterprise scale. Implementing it is not easy though. There is a real danger of becoming “SAFe in name only”.

Bringing their extensive experience with scaling business agility at organizations such as HP, Siemens, Amdocs, Intel, Cisco, Retalix-NCR, AgileSparks’s SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) help our enterprise customers really implement SAFe including helping them make and take action on some tough choices along the way. We extend the SAFe Implementation Roadmaop with the AgileSparks Way for overall transformation change management.

AgileSparks is an official Scaled Agile Gold partner. We have 2 SPCTs and more than 10 SPCs on staff spread all over the globe and offer a full suite of SAFe-related services:

  • SAFe Implementation Strategy Workshops
  • Public and inhouse Leading SAFe and Implementing SAFe (SPC) classes
  • Agile Release Train QuickStart launch services
  • Agile Release Train Inspect & Adapt workshop facilitation
  • Portfolio and Value Stream setup and coaching, leveraging our thought-leadership on Enterprise-level Kanban used as part of the SAFe Portfolio , Value Stream and Program.
  • Team-level training using SAFe for Teams.
  • Help you assess and fix/boost your SAFe implementation
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