Achieve Agility Through Kanban/Flow

So you want to go agile but don’t really like Scrum?

Looking for a way to adapt Iterative Agile to the more Continuous Flow world of DevOps/Continuous Delivery?

Use Kanban Boards, Flow, Work in Process Limits to go Agile.

World-class Kanban Practice

Since 2009 we’ve been helping our clients improve their agility using Kanban.

While many agile practitioners as well as coaches believe Kanban is limited to Maintenance/Support/Operations contexts, AgileSparks is actually one of the leading world-wide consultancies on leveraging Kanban for complex applications/systems development at the team and enterprise level. We’ve helped organizations such as Siemens, Intel, HP. Informatica, Amdocs, dbMotion and others use Kanban effectively for their development life cycle.

Many of our Scrum-based clients are using Kanban at the Program/Feature level to manage flow beyond the team.

Others are leveraging Kanban principles at the team level using Team Kanban or ScrumBan.

Our CTO Yuval Yeret is one of the world’s leading thought leaders and practitioners when it comes to using Kanban in product development and has received the Lean/Kanban community Brickell Key Award.

  • "With the help of AgileSparks (Yuval Yeret), we implemented a Kanban system at NICE that enabled us to achieve significant improvement in efficiency, winning together, work atmosphere, quality, and client focus. Yuval and everyone at AgileSparks are professionals of the highest standard, and I strongly recommend anybody considering Agile/Lean to work with them."

    Achi Hackmon
    Achi Hackmon Director, AIS R&D, Actimize (NICE)
  • "Yuval Yeret from AgileSparks ran a Kanban workshop for the entire Prezi team (marketing, support, administration, sales, design, engineers) at our Budapest office. We found the workshop interesting and thorough. The Kanban game was cool and useful. We liked the use of a Kanban board to run the workshop, and the way it was driven by our questions, topics, and priorities. Most of them were answered in a convincing way! All of the organization (not just Dev) is now on the same page about how we want to think and operate regarding Kanban, and we have a concrete outcome we can take action on tomorrow morning. In addition, the workshop provided us with a team building activity and lots of exercises and opportunities to discuss issues amongst ourselves."

    Peter Halacsy
    Peter Halacsy Head of product, Founder at
  • "I would like to thank AgileSparks and Yuval Yeret for the clear and enlightening Kanban seminar. I think Kanban is a great tool that I can - as a manager - have available in the toolkit in order to enforce what we actually discuss as developers all the time: work properly and effectively and deliver on time, on quality, on budget."

    David Kotin
    David Kotin Perigen
  • "Our engineering organization transitioned from quarterly releases to two-week releases using Scrum and Kanban. We've switched from using a complex, obscure, inefficient and difficult Gantt chart system into a highly visual Kanban board that allows us to instantly understand our project status and even more important to see our development process challenges. This has contributed to a culture of continuous improvement. Our journey from waterfall to Agile has helped to surface all of our development deficiencies/improvement opportunities and with courage, we handled those and continue to do so after five months / 10 sprints. Through the transition, from Sprint #1 until the present date, we've deployed on our production site new user stories with true business value to a very complex platform and also scaled up the R&D team significantly. In addition to the obvious benefits of the R&D improvements, our business can react much faster than before to market needs and to internal organization needs as our business continues to grow. I would like to thank the incredible highly professional team in AgileSparks and specifically, our great Agile coach, Yuval Yeret, who guided, trained us and took us through this journey."

    Ben Peer
    Ben Peer SVP Technology at FiftyOne (E4X)

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