Kanban Services

Kanban is a new pragmatic lean/agile approach to technology delivery focused on visualizing work, limiting work in progress and optimizing flow, as a driver for Continuous Improvement.

AgileSparks is involved in some of the leading global Kanban/ScrumBan implementations (see here for example) and provides a range of Kanban-specific Training, Implementation and Consulting Solutions. Our main Kanban consultant is Yuval Yeret who is leading the Kanban community in Israel and is a frequent speaker in international Lean and Kanban conferences as well as Brickell Award Winner for 2013.

Beyond our Kanban-specific practice, AgileSparks sees Kanban as a key part in a holistic Lean/Agile system. As such, our whole team of Agile coaches is skilled in implementing Kanban and using aspects of it as part of Agile implementations. We pride in being active members in the growing Kanban community, speaking in Kanban industry conferences, and adding to the Kanban body of knowledge.

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