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Implement Lean in IT

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An approach for IT organizations facing growing demand to deliver more value faster


[mk_padding_divider size=”80″][mk_fancy_title color=”#000000″ size=”40″ font_weight=”300″ margin_bottom=”0″ font_family=”none” align=”center”]Is your IT organization trying to deal with continuously growing demand?[/mk_fancy_title][mk_divider style=”thin_solid” divider_width=”custom_width” custom_width=”250″ margin_top=”15″ margin_bottom=”45″]

In recent years, the demands from IT organizations has changed dramatically. Growing reliance on IT in both internal and customer-facing business processes coupled with greatly accelerated pace of change in the business conditions and increasingly tougher competition has created a situation where the demand is to deliver exceedingly more value, with much higher flexibility and shorter time to market, all with less capacity. Legacy IT management approaches fail to deal effectively with this demand, the result being constant fire-fighting, exhaustion, low quality, all leading to further problems and lower capacity to deliver value, a reinforcing degenerative loop.

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[mk_fancy_title color=”#6fdfe2″ size=”30″ font_weight=”300″ font_family=”none” align=”center”]How can your organization bring the chaos under control? Lean IT to the rescue![/mk_fancy_title]

Lean IT will help you bring IT under control and then continuously improve value delivered to your customers/users. It will provide you with approaches for finding the most valuable business capabilities to deliver, improving the flow of delivery and elimination of waste, where waste is work that adds no value to a product or service.

Lean will also give you a framework for leveraging the abilities of your people to make better decentralized decisions about what is valuable and how to work more effectively. Lean is about Continuous Improvement (also known as Kaizen) involving and leveraging everyone in the organization in the areas they are most knowledgable and relevant.

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[mk_fancy_title color=”#6fdfe2″ size=”30″ font_weight=”300″ font_family=”none” align=”center”]What can you expect from going Lean[/mk_fancy_title]

Going Lean is a journey, not a one-off project. Outcomes and benefits will accumulate and grow stronger the more you invest in improvement. But even early on you can expect to see:

  • Significant increase in the capacity of your IT maintenance groups to deliver value for the organization.
  • Dramatic acceleration of cycle time from start of IT work to delivery as well as reduction of lead time from initial request to delivery of value.
  • Your customers/users/business sponsors will report improved experience and satisfaction.
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Going Lean is a serious change in how an organization operates. It touches the day to day practices, the strategy but even more importantly the set of values and management thinking of the organization. If you are considering taking your IT organization towards Lean you should carefully choose your partner for this journey. Take under consideration that Lean in IT is not the Lean of manufacturing. The mindset might be similar but the principles and approaches are different. In addition you need to make sure your Lean partner is driving Lean Thinking not Lean tools.

AgileSparks has a wide experience helping organizations become more Lean/Agile, including several case studies of Lean IT. Our approach emphasizes coaching the organization’s leadership in how to think more Lean/Agile by involving them in designing the work systems and operating them.

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