Sustain and improve your agility – Maintenance Package

Maintenance Packages


After an organization has transitioned to Scrum, the benefits and ROI increase with time as the organization continuously tunes itself, improves its processes by inspecting and adapting, and gets into the rhythm of Scrum.

To ensure these continuous and long term benefits, it is important to make sure that the organization does not retreat back to its comfort zone. Maintaining the process requires discipline, constant inspection and the ability to immediately react and solve problems that might severely handicap Scrum.

The purpose of the ScruMaintain program is to provide long term support for Scrum Masters and organizations that implement Scrum. Such support is needed to maintain a high level of Scrum, while catching and correcting as early as possible deviations that might lead to a degradation in Scrum.

The program contains the following components:

  • On-going support: Back-office support for Q&A and ad-hoc problems. In addition to the accumulated experience of its experts, AgileSparks has direct access to the entire ScrumAlliance Trainers’ community for in-depth consultation and knowledge. Questions are submitted by email and support is provided by e-mail and, if necessary, by phone.
  • Knowledge sharing: A free seat in the Scrum forum led by AgileSparks’ experts (periodical meetings that provide an opportunity to meet colleagues and share experience).
  • Discounted help for urgent problems: 20% discount from list prices for AgileSparks’ on-site consulting services to support urgent, ad-hoc, problems.
  • Periodical check up: One free Current State Mapping per year.
  • Training new participants: 1 free seat in an official CSM class per year, on a free space basis.

One ScruMaintain package is purchased per Scrum Master (or focal point person) – there is no limitation on the number of teams the SM can work with.

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