Scaled Agile Implementations

Scaling Agile can be difficult and confusing – unless you have an experienced guide. What we’ve found is that implementing agile at scale works best when you take an established proven approach such as SAFe and inspect and adapt it to your company, your domain, and your goal.

Safely Scale with the Scaled Agile Framework™

The Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) is the leading approach for scaling Agile in today’s enterprises.

We recommend leaders/change agents join an Implementing SAFe workshop to understand how to implement SAFe in your organization.

An actual implementation starts with an onsite/private Leading SAFe training combined with an Implementation Strategy workshop where we help the leadership team figure out how to apply SAFe and other scaling patterns to the organization.

Implementing SAFe w/ SPC Certification

SAFe Implementation Strategy Workshop

AgileSparks – Your SAFe™ Partner

AgileSparks is an SAI SPCT4 Gold Partner providing the full range of SAFe certified training worldwide.

We’ve helped organizations such as Intel, Cisco, Amdocs, RadWare, Motorola, CA Technologies and others use the Scaled Agile Framework to scale their agility.

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Is SAFe right for you? 

You want to scale and you’re considering SAFe. Is it really the right move? When is SAFe appropriate and should you look elsewhere?

You should consider the level of agility you’re starting with, the level of agility you’re seeking, the kind of guidance you prefer, the level of dependencies between your teams, and more.

We can help you figure it out of course. You can also start with a self-assessment ebook we created to help you decide.

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Our client’s scaling experiences:

  • "By having Yuval on board, we found not just an experienced professional but also a partner in our lean journey with a passion and commitment to coach and guide us until we achieve our goals. Yuval’s vast knowledge and experience along with keen analytical skills enable him to fit the lean principles into our organization’s DNA and to help us overcome difficulties and constraints without risking our short-term business targets. Yuval has many capabilities which make him highly versatile. He can swiftly move from strategy/blueprints to training a class, implementing methods/processes all the way to one on-one-coaching for tough cases. This makes Yuval very valuable and very influential in our journey towards lean."  

    Adam Magen
    Adam Magen VP R&D, Siemens MFG
  • "When we decided to scale Agile to other disciplines beyond software as well as to more complex projects, it was clear that for us to succeed we would need guidance and training from experts that have deep and practical know-how. After meeting several consultants, we chose AgileSparks. Drawing on its vast experience with software development and with Agile implementations, its coaches were able to help us define the development process that was right for us, injected motivation where necessary, directed and challenged the teams, and helped us present the process to management. One of the most critical aspects of AgileSparks' work was its ability to bring us to maturity, allowing us to continue employing Agile in our development process independently. Today, we are running several projects by ourselves and consult AgileSparks occasionally."

    Gil Ari
    Gil Ari Group Manager, Elbit Defense Systems
  • "Our trainer (Yuval Yeret) was very good - knowledgeable and articulate, created good energy and engagement." "Great balance between theory and practice." "The trainer was well versed with the materials and brought in real life examples." "We didn't shy away from tough questions. We allocated enough time to tackle them and provided answers grounded in both the SAFe theory and real-life practice in the field."


Other Approaches For Scaling Agile

Maybe you’re not a big fan of quarterly “PI Planning” or the heavy iterative emphasis of SAFe.  That’s ok. SAFe is not for everybody.

We are helping organizations such as HP, Siemens, Cyberark, Verint and others find their own way to achieve agility at scale.

This might involve some aspects of enterprise-level Kanban, some ideas from LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) and some patterns that have proven successful in organizations such as Spotify.

Research on your own

Can we recommend our favorite resources for learning about the state of the art in Agile scaling approaches/considerations?

Scaling Agile Reading List »

We’re helping some of the world’s leading firms achieve agility at scale


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