Agile Tools Selection, Implementation and Support Services

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Tools Support


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Once you achieved the right Agile mindset, it’s time to decide whether you continue to use a physical board or adopt an electronic tool.


While a physical board is tangible, fully customizable and a great information radiator, it is limited when it comes to supporting distributed teams, easy tracking/report generating, aggregating of information and creating different views/hierarchies of information. In some cases, teams/organizations decide to take a hybrid solution and combine physical board with an electronic tool.

There is a plethora of electronic tools in the market. Some are general Lifecycle Management tools that support Agile and some are solutions specialized in Agile that are integrated with other tools to provide a full solution.


AgileSparks provides you with this short (partial) list of tools we have a good experience with, which you might want to look at (in alphabetical order). There are other tools out there that are getting better and better, and we can help you select the right tool and help you implement it in your organization based on our experience:

  • Rally
  • Jira Agile
  • LeanKit Kanban
  • TFS
  • VersionOne
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