The Professional Developer

Last week I called a technician to repair an electrical shutter that was broken. The technician did a good job in general, but there was one particular thing he did that made me think of him as a [...]

Amusement Park Methods

Sometimes you stumble upon amusement park methods. Remember the feeling when first going through the gates of a big amusement park? When you get a first glimpse of how vast it is? you see some [...]

Team Storming and Compost

A team I am working with is in the storming stage of their development. Finally. It’s been sometime that they have been forming, carefully learning each other, sometimes from afar. Each [...]

In Progress vs. Dev, QA

When we build the team’s board for the first time there’s many times the question of how to represent work in progress, how to show what’s going on between [...]

Forward Looking Kanban Board

The kanban method is built around improving the flow of product development. It works very well when you work according to priority. It also works well when some items have schedule constraints. [...]

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