The Professional Developer

Last week I called a technician to repair an electrical shutter that was broken. The technician did a good job in general, but there was one particular thing he did that made me think of him as a [...]

Relentlessly expanding our tools set

We are relentlessly expanding our tools set We at AgileSparks help companies create effective, efficient and happy workplaces. We do this by applying Agile and Lean principles. We understand that [...]

Keeping The PI Planning Momentum

In his book, “Confessions of a Public Speaker,” Scott Berkun tells us that when speaking, once the lights go out, you have everyone’s attention. Then you need to fight to avoid [...]

Seize The Improvement Opportunity!

Sometimes it is right there before us and all we need to do is to reach out and take it. Improvement opportunities are there – all we need to do is learn how to identify them and invest the [...]

When Scrum Events Are Burdening

At the beginning of a Scrum implementation y,ou usually find two main types of team behaviors. Those who embrace the scrum events (Planning, daily etc.) and try to better understand them [...]

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