The Sprint Increment Is Dead

The Sprint Increment Got Us Here If you’re a veteran of the software industry, you probably remember those days where we released to production/GA every couple of months. Heck, many of the [...]

Seeing The Big Picture With Scrum

A common phenomenon happening in organizations implementing scrum is that something is missing – the big picture. People are saying “We used to have High Level Designs – where are [...]

Develop it when it’s ripe

We need good metaphors to better understand software development. Good metaphors from our day to day can help us better understand this elusive domain. Some time ago I wrote about traffic and not [...]

Avoiding Over Utilization Field Trip

You can read in many places (for example here or in Don Reinersten’s Book The Principles of Product Development Flow) that when you avoid over utilization (that is, use less than 100% [...]

Why “Cost of Delay”?

Don Reinerstern in his book “The Principles of Product Development Flow” writes about the importance of having an economic view when making decisions. This is as usually we are [...]

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