Scrum Board Setup Tips and Tricks

I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks of setting a scrum board I usually share with my clients. The bottom line is that too many tools have too many features that support old ways [...]

Seeing The Big Picture With Scrum

A common phenomenon happening in organizations implementing scrum is that something is missing – the big picture. People are saying “We used to have High Level Designs – where are [...]

When Scrum Events Are Burdening

At the beginning of a Scrum implementation y,ou usually find two main types of team behaviors. Those who embrace the scrum events (Planning, daily etc.) and try to better understand them [...]

5 pitfalls when using Atlassian Jira

Jira Atlassian is a great ALM tool for managing your Agile environment. It provides a friendly work space for Agile teams, and have some informative out of the box reports that allow teams to [...]

Improving Teamwork Through Experiments

A good way to improve how a team works together is to try to run experiments for collaboration. We’ve listed here a set of experiments you may want to try, depending on where your team is in the [...]

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