The Scrum Master as an Agile Leader

The Scrum Master’s’ role has become one of the most important and challenging roles in modern organizations, since they act as the main interface between top management and the teams that [...]

Improving SAFe thru Professional Scrum

SAFe includes Scrum – so how come many Scrum practitioners and thought leaders consider it unsafe? The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™) is one of the most popular approaches to applying agile [...]

The Sprint Increment Is Dead

The Sprint Increment Got Us Here If you’re a veteran of the software industry, you probably remember those days where we released to production/GA every couple of months. Heck, many of the [...]

In Progress vs. Dev, QA

When we build the team’s board for the first time there’s many times the question of how to represent work in progress, how to show what’s going on between [...]

Scrum Board Setup Tips and Tricks

I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks of setting a scrum board I usually share with my clients. The bottom line is that too many tools have too many features that support old ways [...]

Seeing The Big Picture With Scrum

A common phenomenon happening in organizations implementing scrum is that something is missing – the big picture. People are saying “We used to have High Level Designs – where are [...]

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