Forward Looking Kanban Board

The kanban method is built around improving the flow of product development. It works very well when you work according to priority. It also works well when some items have schedule constraints. [...]

Keeping The PI Planning Momentum

In his book, “Confessions of a Public Speaker,” Scott Berkun tells us that when speaking, once the lights go out, you have everyone’s attention. Then you need to fight to avoid [...]

Avoiding Over Utilization Field Trip

You can read in many places (for example here or in Don Reinersten’s Book The Principles of Product Development Flow) that when you avoid over utilization (that is, use less than 100% [...]

Why “Cost of Delay”?

Don Reinerstern in his book “The Principles of Product Development Flow” writes about the importance of having an economic view when making decisions. This is as usually we are [...]

The Agile Theater

We’ve all seen it. It’s quite an elaborate show with Scrum Masters, Sprint Planning, Daily Standups, Secret handshakes, a lot of artifacts, ceremonies, roles. The recent “broadway”-level [...]

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