Getting Started with ATDD

It is early afternoon on Friday. As the week is coming to an end, so is Team Alpha’s Sprint.  The team is rushing to finish the last User Stories in the Sprint. Marion is putting the last touches [...]

Scrum Board Setup Tips and Tricks

I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks of setting a scrum board I usually share with my clients. The bottom line is that too many tools have too many features that support old ways [...]

Seeing The Big Picture With Scrum

A common phenomenon happening in organizations implementing scrum is that something is missing – the big picture. People are saying “We used to have High Level Designs – where are [...]

Choosing your Agile Marketing Tool

This post is a continuation/refresh of an earlier post from Yuval’s personal blog  Tools for Agile Marketing seems to be the hot topic in the various Agile Marketing communities. The [...]

Agile Practices using Jira Atlassian

The more we meet software development organizations, the more we see how Jira, the most popular ALM tool out there, is being misused.  Abusing the tool is quite easy actually… Paraphrasing [...]

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