Looking for the Spark that can help you in your Agile Journey?

AgileSparks is helping hundreds of organizations worldwide improve their agility by teaching and coaching people at all levels and all areas of the organization how to think and do agile.

We focus on Real Agile. Real working software, customer collaboration, faster feedback/learning loops, collaborative autonomous teams of engaged people.

Our clients know that Agility results from Being Agile not just Doing Agile. It requires an Agile mindset and culture throughout the entire Product organization and even in areas such as Marketing, Sales, Budgeting, HR.

If you’re ready to Challenge Your Comfort Zone and work towards Real Agility – We’re here to help.

Market Leaders Choose AgileSparks

  • "Almost everything we learned is useful to us. I especially liked the ideas around "minimal viable product" as well as the story boarding exercises.  Roni was super, she understood what we need and how to help us get there and made sure we are all focused and aligned. Very well done"  

    Roy Saadon
    Roy Saadon Data Integration Group Leader - eBay
  • Yael is one of those persons that manage to be at the same time part of the team and a consultant to the team. She managed to construct the change process in a way that allowed practices to "stick" by helping people to adopt them as their own.    

    Itai Mendelson
    Itai Mendelson VP R&D CloudBand Alcatel-Lucent
  • Yael's ability to quickly understand the organization, the product and our specific needs was a key factor in helping us become agile  and better react to the needs/requirements of Clarizen's SaaS customers.  

    Ariel Utnick
    Ariel Utnick VP R&D - Clarizen
  • Excellent agile workshops. Energizing, Interesting, Adapted to dbMotion's world. Thank you Sagi!    

    Gabi Joffe
    Gabi Joffe VP Global HR - dbMotion
  • The switch to Kanban (and a single branch methodology with feature bits) could not have happened without putting the R&D leads, product owners and me on the same page. This, in turn, could not have happened without the workshop we had with Yuval Yeret.

    Yuval Pemper
    Yuval Pemper VP R&D Innovid
  • After several years of using Scrum at Ginger Software we felt we were ready to move on to the next level. Yuval helped us kick off a transition to Kanban extremely effectively. After three concise, highly professional and fun hands-on sessions together we were on our way and have been successfully using Kanban ever since and gradually spreading it across the rest of  the organization.  
    Alex Ben-Ari
    Alex Ben-Ari VP R&D, Ginger Software
  • By having Yuval on board we found not just an experienced professional but also a partner to our Lean journey with a passion and commitment to coach and escort us until we achieve our goals. Yuval’s vast knowledge and experience along with good analytic skills enables him to fit the Lean principles into our organization’s DNA and to help us overcome difficulties and constraints without risking our short term business targets. Yuval has many capabilities which make him highly versatile. He can swiftly move from strategy/blueprints to training a class, implementing methods/processes all the way to one on one coaching for tough cases. This makes Yuval very valuable and very influential in our journey towards Lean.  

    Adam Magen
    Adam Magen VP R&D, Siemens MFG
  • outstanding leadership, presentation and professional skills. We are very satisfied from the results.
    Ariela Avni, COO & Liad Eshkar, Project Manager Time To Know
  • With the help of AgileSparks (Yuval Yeret) we implemented a Kanban system at NICE that enabled us achieve significant improvement in efficiency, winning together, work atmosphere, quality, and client focus. Yuval and AgileSparks are professionals of the highest standards, and I strongly recommend anybody considering Agile/Lean to work with them.

    Achi Hackmon
    Achi Hackmon Director, AIS R&D, Actimize (NICE)
  • We decided to move to Agile after experiencing many challenges in our waterfall process. To name a few, we suffered from long development cycles, almost no flexibility to change the plan and lack of synchronization between R&D and Product Management. We turned to AgileSpark to help us make the move. We started up with a course that demonstrated the principles of Agile development using games and role plays and other activities making it both effective and fun. After the course we started exercising Scrum ceremonies. Our coach joined the ceremonies and gave tips to teams, product owners, Scrum masters and managers.  We got many benefits from moving to Scrum and I can say that the move was fast and successful and has apparent effect on our products. We are now releasing much more frequently and communication between Product Management and R&D has improved dramatically. No doubt that AgileSparks had main contribution to this successful move. Today we value Agile as a core competitive advantage; we therefore are not willing to disclose our company's name. Agile is our Secret Weapon!

Our areas of expertise

Agile Tranformations

AgileSparks Way

Implementing Agile isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s filled with pitfalls and challenges. We’ll guide you through a proper implementation – customized for your company and your needs.

Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile Options

You’ve used Agile before, but you’ve also discovered that your old process simply isn’t scalable to your current needs. We’ll help you scale the right way, at the right pace, so that your Agile grows with your company.

Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility AgileSparks Model

Expand Agile beyond development.
Achieve business agility by covering the whole Product/Technology life-cycle while using approaches such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking.
Achieve even wider organizational agility by applying agile in other areas trying to cope with complexity and uncertainty – Marketing/Sales, HR/People Ops, Budgeting/Finances, and more.


Devops is a combination of culture principles and tools that both aim to break the conflict between Dev and Ops silos by leveraging Lean and Agile thinking and practices at a wider scope than just the development and testing process.  DevOps seeks to create a smooth and increasingly speedy flow of change from development into  production also known as Continuous Deployment/Delivery, with as little waste along the way as possible, as a way to enable organizations to achieve business agility – fast time to market and fast learning/experimentation.


Real Kanban Board

Kanban is a flow-oriented method for working in a lean/agile way. Kanban is often used in continuous/flow environments such as Lean Startup, DevOps, Continuous Deployment or when a more evolutionary style of change management is desired.

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing helps marketing organizations become faster, more flexible/responsive and more collaborative in order to be better tuned to the business they’re supporting.

Agile Marketing describes a mindset of continuous learning and validation through high-tempo testing, customer focused collaboration across functional silos, adaptive and iterative campaigns and more responsive/continuous planning – all as a way to deal more effectively with uncertainty and complexity.

Our Services

Training by AgileSparks


Get ready to go Agile by learning what you really need with world-class delivery of standard curriculums such as: Scrum.org Professional Scrum and Scaled Agile Leading/Implementing SAFe as well as our unique programs such as the Agile Boost Camp (ABC), AdvanScrum, and Leading Agile Software Teams (LAST) classes and ongoing leadership development programs.


Strategic Assessment/Management Focusing Workshops

If you’re considering Agile, we’ll help you explore your context/pains, understand the Lean/Agile options and what implementing them in your environment will entail. Then we’ll guide you towards a blueprint for implementation and change management approach that can actually work in your organization. 

agile coaching session

Coaching & Consulting

Regardless of whether you’re just starting your Agile journey or trying to revitalize/boost, our small team of highly experienced Agile coaches will help you and your people deal with the many challenges of real agility. 

If you’re tired of that awful Agile Theater and looking for real agility, let’s connect and see if we can help.

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