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Oded Tamir

Oded Tamir

Lead Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer, SPC

Oded has more than 20 years of experience in IT projects as a CIO, Project Manager and VP Projects in large global companies.

Oded combine deep knowledge in project management and portfolio management methodologies, together with vast experience in project’s performance improvement and implementation of global change processes.

As the VP Global Project Management in Ness Technologies Oded led implementation of Agile process in development and management teams as part of global innovation initiative across the organization and in the different territories India, Europe and Israel.
As part of this initiative Oded led successful Agile transition of R&D and Product Management units at one of the daughter company.  Oded brought this extensive experience to AgileSparks and is today coaching organizations in their Agile transitions.


Oded has a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a graduate studies as Organizational Consultant and Business Coach in Universities in Israel.


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