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Leading Product Innovation Workshop: Designing an evidence-driven approach to decision making

May 22 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Class Outline:

This hands-on workshop goes deep into the mechanics and mindset of the Lean Product Lifecycle, Innovation accounting and Product Investment Governance, and their application to both innovative and mature products.

Who is this for:

This Leading Product Innovation Workshop is for business leaders, Innovation and Digital Transformation leaders, as well as Product & Portfolio Managers.

Our focus will be on the framework and best practices needed to drive evidence and data based investment decisions for products and services.

Some of the common challenges leaders who attend this workshop have voiced:

  • Our portfolios include both mature and innovative products and yet our decision-making approach employs the same metrics and processes – how do we change that?
  • Our companies lack data at the product level to facilitate evidence driven product investments
  • HIPPO’s dominate our decision-making process, or we need to go through 15 committees
  • Customer centricity is not reflected in how we make our investment decisions
  • We lack the clarity to understand what happens if our innovation products ideas fail or even more challenging, if they succeed in making their way through the innovation pipeline?
  • If I empower teams to make decisions what happens to me as a leader?
  • How do we evaluate the success of different products and services – what questions should we ask at what stage?

How you will learn:

We will not be covering basic topics or use generic product ideas as examples. We will be helping you dig into your portfolios, unpacking real examples that exemplify the everyday challenges associated with building innovation pipelines, driving growth and responding rapidly to highly disrupted market conditions.

We use a variety of tools to expose participants to ideas and allow them to fully absorb the key learnings: canvases, lots of post its, simulations and role play. Our workshops are highly participatory. We encourage a dialog and avoid lectures at all costs. Our activities allow participants to test and learn using their content and their challenges. Participants emerge with clear models for how to apply the tools and approaches in their corporate environment.


What will you learn:

  • Why we need a new approach to product investment governance (see the list of questions above!)
  • The challenges and opportunities in using Lean Startup and Agile principles to manage product portfolios
  • Principles of incremental funding, innovation accounting, and data-driven decision-making
  • Best practices, learnings, and artifacts used to successfully set up Investment Boards and train hundreds of product managers and decision makers across Fortune 500 companies
  • How investment boards use different sets of criteria to evaluate data and evidence presented by product teams at each stage of the product lifecycle
  • How the dynamics of experimentation and evidence gathering can be used to drive go/no-go decisions.
  • How other global companies are applying these approaches to drive the growth of their core business and fuel a sustainable innovation pipeline
  • Why does change need to start with leadership?

Which companies have attended this workshop and what are they saying about it?

“This was powerful stuff. I came away with a strong appreciation of the challenge my company faces as it transforms its culture and practice, as well as the strategies we need to employ to be successful. Hearing about success and failures at large, global companies like ours was tremendously valuable. I started using the framework provided day 1 back on the job.”

-Mike Merrill, Senior Director for New Product ETS


Workshop facilitator


Jonathan Bertfield is a co-founder and Partner at Spinnaker, Senior Faculty member at Lean Startup Co and an Instructor on General Assembly’s Enterprise team. He has mentored at Google’s Lean Launchpad Accelerator and New York University’s Stern Business School annual Business Plan Competition. He has been leading product teams at large enterprises and startups for over two decades in a career spanning the UK, Israel, Silicon Valley and New York at companies such as Scholastic, Business Insider and Sesame Workshop. His consulting clients include Pearson, US Dept. of Defense, UK Government, Simply Business, Mastercard, Carlson Wagonlit, Merck, Vanguard, Legal Zoom, Marriot, Axa, USAA, K12, Citibank, News Corp, and The Associated Press. He is also a co-author of the upcoming book Case for Change – Demystifying Lean Enterprise Transformation.




Hear from our students:


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