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Scala Programing Public- Israel

September 1 @ 9:00 am - September 3 @ 5:00 pm


Scala is a type safe programing language that runs on-top of the JVM.

Scala was tagged as the ‘long time replacement for Java”.

Scala is both object-oriented and functional thus allowing developers to easily

express themselves using powerful tools without losing performance.

By the end of the course the students will know the Scala language, how to use it, the

correct patterns and will also have extensive hands-on experience which is crucial

when learning a new language.


Target Audience

Java developers, Team Leaders, Project Managers




Java Knowledge




Introduction to Scala:

  • Why another Language?

  • Why Scala?

  • Scala vs. Java


Basic Syntax (for Java Developers) (1 hour)

  • Basic syntax compared to Java

  • Basic Class syntax

  • Visibility Rules


Object Oriented Programming in Scala (2 hours)

  • Everything is an Object

  • Objects and Companion Objects

  • No Operators (just Functions)

  • Traits & Mixins

  • Introducing Parameterized Types (Generics)


Functions (2 hours)

  • High Order Functions

  • Lambdas and Closures


Collections (3 hours)

  • Mutable vs. Immutable Collections

  • Functional API

  • Using Collections in Practice

  • Lazy Views

  • Performance Considerations


Pattern Matching (2 hours)

  • Case Classes

  • Pattern Matching

  • Exception Handling


For Expressions (2 hours)


Implicits (4 hours)

  • Implicit methods

  • Implicit classes

  • Implicit parameters


Recursions in Scala (1 hour)

Unit Testing in Scala (2 hours)


Introduction to Functional Programming (5 hours)

  • What is Functional Programming

  • Abstractions

  • Typeclasses

  • Monoid as an Example



Duration:  3 days.

Trainer: Itamar Ravid 

Itamar is a software engineer. He’s been working with all facets of software development for over a decade – from data infrastructure, through CI/CD processes to backend development. His current interests include in microservice architectures and stream processing systems on the JVM. Itamar is a functional programming addict and contributes at times to open-source projects in the Scala ecosystem.

Cancellation policy: 
Up until 7 days before the event you can cancel at no charge. Afterwards you can either get a 50% refund or the option to apply your ticket towards a future workshop.
General Terms:

The course will open only if a sufficient number of participants is reached.
AgileSparks reserves the right to cancel the course up to 5 business days before it starts.


Hear from our students:


Have a question about the class? Use the live chat or contact us.



September 1 @ 9:00 am
September 3 @ 5:00 pm


1 Arieh Shenkar Street
Herzliya, 4672501 Israel

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