Would you like to be a sponsor of Agile Israel 2019?

What is Agile Israel?

It is the main Agile event in Israel running since 2008.

The event targets decision makers, Development Managers, Testing Managers, CIOs, Project Managers, Business and Product Owners, HR people and anyone who is interested in taking his/her Agile and DevOps implementations to the next level. The main purpose of the event is to bring together IT professionals from various fields and companies to learn about new trends, meet cutting edge thinkers, exchange views and learn, get inspired by case studies from Israel and the world and get acquainted with the tools and culture changes needed in order to benefit from Agile and Lean.

This event is an exceptional opportunity for you to be exposed to Agile practitioners and enthusiasts. Join us! The Israeli Agile and Lean movement is gaining momentum year by year, and the number of organizations embracing Agile is growing exponentially over the last decade. Each year we host more than 500 passionate attendees in the event. This year Agile Israel will take place on May 21st, 2019. We invite you to participate and tell your story at this important gathering.

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How can I become a sponsor of the conference?

We are looking for sponsors who can deliver value to the community and the conference attendees. We want our sponsors to have a great experience from the conference, find new contacts, get access to the community and promote their company. For that end, we have prepared the partnership programs below. Please choose the level suitable for you.

Platinum partner

As a platinum partner, you get the most out of the conference. It is an exclusive offering for a maximum of three (3) companies; the offering includes:

• 10 free registrations for the conference, discounts for additional attendees

• Platinum partner’s logo on all printed conference materials

Logo(s) shared on Conference Lanyard

• Platinum partner’s logo (large size) in all conference rooms during conference

3×2 Meters Exhibit Booth Space in premier location

Opportunity to run a special contest during the conference

The one-time fee to become a platinum partner is $7500.

Gold partner

As a Gold partner, you’ll have this great package:

6 free registrations for the conference

• Gold partner’s logo (standard size) in all conference rooms

3×2 Meters Exhibit Booth Space in premier location

The one-time fee to become a gold partner of the conference is $5,500.

Silver partner

As a Silver partner, you will have this package:

• Silver partner’s logo (standard size) in the main conference room during conference

The one-time fee to become a silver partner of Agile Israel 2019 is $2500.

Other creative options may be available.

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