AgileSparks launched an Agile Marketing practice in 2016. We talk to more and more marketing leaders that tell us they’re looking at Agile Marketing as a way to modernize their organization and make it faster and more responsive to the needs of the business while engaging and re-activating marketers that are simply struggling under the load and overheads of the old ways of doing marketing.

As part of our this new Agile Marketing practice that is focused on the New England/New York area, we are excited to collaborate with Jim Ewel, an Agile Marketing pioneer and thought leader, to run an Agile Marketing workshop in Boston on May 2-3. Jim Ewel will co-train this class with Yuval Yeret, our Agile Marketing practice lead.

Join Jim & Yuval to figure out whether Agile Marketing can help your marketing organization and how you can take your first steps towards implementing it.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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