We are closely monitoring developments related to the COVID19 novel coronavirus. 

As of March 18, 2020 and until May 31, All of our activities including private and public classes will take place as live virtual classrooms or workshops.

We understand the spread of the novel coronavirus brings extra uncertainty. We are waiving transfer fees for all classes taking place before 6/1/2020. That means that if you register and have to transfer to a different class up to 2 days before the class our regular 30-days transfer fee will be waived. 

Our Guaranteed to Run policy also has to account for the situation. Even classes that were Guaranteed to Run before March 18 might not take place in case of a significant registrations drop due to changes in student’s situation.

To answer a few questions that come up:

  • Can I participate remotely in the public training class? YES. All of our scheduled classes will take place remotely as a live virtual classroom experience. If you’re currently within 3 hours timezone difference of the class location/time you can participate remotely. If you are already registered to one of the classes that became a remote, you can participate regardless of your location.
  • What about my travel expenses? Most airlines and hotels are waiving change fees.
  • What are you doing to make the classroom experience effective virtually? We’ve already run some classes remotely using a combination of Zoom, breakout rooms, digitally shared class workbooks the students can collaboratively work on during exercises, and other facilitation techniques we’ve used over the years. You’ll probably get the added benefit of learning digital facilitation techniques that you’ll need in upcoming months by joining our live virtual classroom…

If you have a specific question, concern, or situation, or suggestion, we are here for further discussion.

What our students have to say about our Live Virtual Classroom SAFe classes: 

Great class

I thought the online worked well. The breakout groups were a nice collaboration and I liked the use of video. The content was presented clearly & at a nice pace.

Many thanks to the team at AgileSparks…

Many thanks to the team at AgileSparks for a quick pivot to move the entire training to remote with great success! There are some minor kinks to work out, but overall, the sessions matched the same great level of training expected from this dedicated organization. As remote training will continue to grow, this workshop will stay in my mind as it’s our organization’s first and truly collaborative online meeting for large displaced virtual teams.

Very educational class

Very educational class. The facilitator was great and adaptable. Had some technical difficulties, but it did not detract from the learning.

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