AgileSparks is now a partner with two Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) on staff – Michal Epstein and Yuval Yeret


We chose to work with because we believe we share the vision of focusing on real, authentic, professional Scrum and after careful consideration of the quality of the training and authenticity of the assessment-based certification model and the commitment to openness to other techniques such as Kanban, DevOps and whatever works well in the context – which is exactly our approach.




The flagship training provided by is the Professional Scrum Master class which is now publicly provided by AgileSparks both in Israel and the Boston area and is also available for onsite delivery in case you have a large number of Scrum Masters that need to learn what Professional Scrum Mastery looks like. This isn’t just for new Scrum Masters/practitioners – We’ve seen participants that took other Scrum certification classes before getting a major boost to their understanding and capabilities after taking this class created by Ken Schwaber.





Other classes we run include:


Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) class which is an experiential way to learn Scrum for the whole team – An ideal way to start your Scrum/Agile journey. In the PSF class teams go through actual Scrum sprints as they learn about the Scrum framework.





Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) – focused on the Product Owner role and optimizing the value delivered by a professional scrum team.







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