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Enhancing Productivity by Example – Ohad Barzilay

Session Abstract:

Using examples in software development is a fundamental practice that increases developers’ productivity and software quality. However, in order to exploit their full potential, examples should be used habitually and correctly in an example supportive environment.

We show that developers use examples less frequently than they think. We highlight the great potential exists in habitual example usage and its challenges. We provide the audience with a set of simple tools to be incorporated in agile development that would increase their productivity both individually and organizational wise.

Lecturer’s short Bio:

Ohad Barzilay teaches agile development in Tel Aviv University, in which he is also working towards a Ph.D. degree in computer science. In his research he investigates effective example usage in professional development (“copy and paste”). His professional experience includes working as a software engineer at several software companies, teaching Computer Science and Software Engineering courses in five academic institutes and training in various companies.

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