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Elbit Agile/Scrum Agile Israel Case Study – Gil Ari

Achieving Predictability with Agile – Doing Scrum in a complex multi-disciplinary environment – Elbit Case study

How can we know a few months in advance if we are on schedule? How can we predict problems early enough to solve them? Agile is not a silver bullet and it doesn’t solve all our problems, but it certainly provides tools for better project development and management. In this session I’ll describe the Agile ideas (Scrum+Kanban) and concepts we adopted here at Elbit and the benefits we reaped. Specifically I will focus on how we gain visibility and predictability by using TFS, allowing us to better respond to customer changes and project uncertainty while still relatively meeting budget and timeline. I hope our experiences can contribute to you too.

About the lecturer:
Gil Ari is a software group manager at Elbit Systems, Aerospace division.

He has been in software development since 1995, mostly in the real-time embedded applications domain. He started his way at Elbit as a Developer, working on helmet-mounted displays for pilots. Later he joined Amdocs where he filled several positions including Development Project Manager, Release Manager, and Pre-Sales. In 2004 he returned to Elbit as a Software Projects Manager. Currently he manages the aircraft upgrades software group. Gil first started using SCRUM several years ago and quickly realized its advantages. In the last two years, he has been promoting the Agile methodology within Elbit, while expanding the scope of its usage to the project level (end to end) and to larger projects with multidisciplinary teams.

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