Innovation Games – Creating breakthrough products through collaborative play – Maarten Volders

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Learn about how Innovation Games can help you:

– Discover what customers don’t like about your offerings
– Uncover unspoken needs and breakthrough opportunities
– Understand where your offerings fit into your customers’ operations
– Clarify exactly how and when customers will use your product or service
– Deliver the right new features, and make better strategy decisions
– Increase empathy for the customers’ experience within your organization
– Improve the effectiveness of the sales and service organizations
– Identify your most effective marketing messages and sellable features

About the lecturer:

Maarten Volders
is Founder at, an Innovation Lab for the Creative Digital Economy enabling organizations to become highly adaptable, endlessly inventive and truly inspiring. One could call him a management innovator, a startup geek, a systems thinker, entrepreneur, but mostly a dreamer. Maarten Volders is a Qualified Innovation Games Instructor and organizer of Gamestorming Retreats.