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Pecha Kucha Sessions #2

Pecha Kucha #2

Some facts about Pecha Kucha:
● … the goal of a Pecha Kucha is to deliver one or multiple ideas to the audience in 20 times
20 seconds, in total 6’40 minutes;
● … during each of the 20 second time slots a picture is shown to the audience;
● … the pictures will change automatically every 20 seconds;
● … the origin of Pecha Kucha is Japan with it’s Pecha Kucha Nights;
● … there are Pecha Kucha Nights now all over the world.
Topics for Pecha Kucha #2:
1. Simulating Software Teams – Presenter: Sagi Smolarski
2. Using Scrum Values to Build the Engineering Culture – Presenter: Uri Nativ
3. Quality on Submit – Presenter: Nir Koren
4. Distributed Agile and Offshore Agile Development – Presenter: Aviram Eisenberg

Distributed Agile Development 

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