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Personal Kanban Agile Israel Keynote – Jim Benson

Personal Kanban: Mapping Work Navigating Life

Course Overview

Personal Kanban introduces individuals to Lean. Knowledge Work (like software development) relies heavily on individuals. Since the main processor of knowledge work is the human brain, we are highly susceptible to stress, multitasking, politics, and cognitive biases.
Personal Kanban helps people visualize work – so they can see what they are doing – and limit work-in-progress – so they do not extend beyond their capacity. Personal Kanban was devised to allow individuals and small teams not just to get work done (productivity), but also to spot and eliminate wasteful acts (efficiency), and understand and select appropriate options (effectiveness).

This workshop will cover the basics of personal and small team kanban, but will also give directed lessons on principles and theory to prepare students to solve problems, collaborate, and continuously improve.

Workshop attendees will:

  • Learn the difference between “productivity” and “effectiveness”;
  • Increase visibility into tasks and projects, both immediate and long-term;
  • Recognize the value of a “WIP limit,” and identify a sustainable work pace;
  • Create a Personal Kanban board optimized to particular life situations;
  • Differentiate between “push” versus “pull” systems;
  • Understand the personal and team psychology of work; and
  • Start delivering more effective and valuable results immediately.


Personal Kanban is:

    • * Proven: Used worldwide by individuals, schools, small businesses, Fortune 10 corporations, and world governments.
    • * Powerful: Understand your options, your decisions, and your capacity.
    • * A Piece of Cake: All you need are a bunch of sticky notes, a flat surface, and some honesty.
    • Learn more at Personal Kanban 101
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