Thwarting Kahneman – Jim Benson

Thwarting the Kahneman Curse: Using Lean and Agile to Save Us From Cognitive Bias

Daniel Kahneman says we are doomed by cognitive bias. The bad news is that human beings have tremendous difficulty with accuracy, planning, root cause analysis, and non-emotional reactions. We are plagued by suggestibility, politics, and bad actors. In his keynote, Jim will focus on the good news: that Lean and Agile toolkits carry with them some powerful tools to thwart (at least a little bit) cognitive bias. These mitigating agents give projects a fighting chance. This lecture will be in English.

About the lecturer:

Jim is the creator of “Personal Kanban,” a lean process used to manage knowledge workers. Knowledge work is a fundamentally tricky type of work to gain focus around, as those engaged in this type of work are by nature inventive. Invention and innovation are unpredictable, and related tasks are often amorphous. For the past two decades Jim Benson has worked at uncovering ways for individuals and groups to communicate, collaborate, and find clarity in unpredictable and amorphous environments. He is also the CEO of Modus Cooperandi, a company focusing on collaborative management. He writes about and works with clients to acheive cultures of continuous improvement. These cultures actively seek out opportunities to improve job satisfaction and/or performance. Since starting Modus, Jim has helped clients as diverse as The World Bank, The United Nations, NBC Universal, The Library Corporation, and Comcast find collaborative solutions, identify and implement improvements, and create more innovative cultures.

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