AgileIL16 Joshua Kerievsky Modern Agile

Invitation as a Leadership Art - Daniel Mezick Agile Israel 2016


מה זה התאטרון האגילי? What is the Agile Theater

Track 1 -- Scaling Agile and Business Agility

How to make sure you scaled Agile safely Agile Israel 2016 - Inbar Oren

Philips ICAP group - SAFe Case study Agile Israel 2016

How to Copy Spotify in 30 minutes - Cliff Hazell Agile Israel 2016

Track2 -- DevOps and IT


Scaling Fiverr. Fast, then Faster - Agile Israel 2016 Gil Wasserman
Demystifying Continuous Deployment Agile Israel 2016 - Joshuar Kerievsky

Track3 Agile Culture


The manager's role in an agile implementation (HEBREW) - Agile Israel 2016

Track 4 -- Agile Essentials


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